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Discover Radiance Tea House & Books, a unique destination in New York City. Come to enjoy our fine selection of tea, and experience the profound culture and tradition of the East.

We not only specialize in premium loose leaf tea, but also house a variety of books, gifts and tea sets that will open your eyes to the beauty of the eastern world.

Save a moment and join us as we take you on a journey that will calm your mind and enlighten your spirit.

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At the center of Chinese culture is the desire to find a certain peace with one’s surroundings—with nature and man. The Buddhists call this nirvana while the Taoists have the concept of yin and yang. With these beliefs and philosophies permeating Chinese society, it is no wonder a sense of harmony emanates from that, a sensibility that is authentically Chinese. Here at Radiance we are inspired by thousands of years of history and tradition and strive to maintain a high standard of authenticity in our cuisine and décor.

Radiance was founded to embody the finest attributes of two of China’s most famous and successful dynasties: Tang and Ming. The Tang Dynasty was known for their robust celebrations, taking full appreciation of what nature provided to man: prosperity, culture and entertainment. Our truly authentic and traditional gourmet cuisine reflects the Tang Dynasty’s attitude towards nature and life. We pay homage to this lively era with our dedication to quality food and service.

The Ming Dynasty marked the height of Chinese culture, bringing about a Renaissance-like dedication to the arts from the 14th to 17th century. This love of the arts is reflected in our tea. At Radiance we have a strong dedication to the appreciation of tea: Every recipe is a manifestation of a mood, mindset or emotion that our tea sommeliers wish to invoke. Relax with a soothing sip or start your day off right with an energizing brew—every concoction is a work of art from our staff, and we hope that you enjoy and savor them fully.